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Discos Capablanca X LN-CC Presents

Food Pyramid – “Knossos” – Andreas Golder Signed Edition

Two track 12inch featuring A-Side from Minnesota-based psychic warriors “Food Pyramid”.
“Knossos” is a ten-minute epic drone-based composition that builds and swells. The flipside features a rework from Gavin Russom (DFA) who adds a percussive groove to the original and takes it to deep, dance floor territory.

Each sleeve has been individually hand painted and signed by the acclaimed Russian artist Andreas Golder. Golder’s work adapts and combines various painterly genres and techniques with surprising results. Working within and through the history of Western painting, Golder manages to sidestep any hint of stiff self-awareness, instead creating paintings and sculptures that appear both spontaneous and passionately informed.

Golder has exhibited his work in solo shows worldwide in galleries including Maren Hildebrandt Solo exhibitions in the White Cube, Arken Museum, Galerie Urs Meile.

In the words of label owner Hugo Capablanca, “I stumbled upon Food Pyramid music by pure chance, and immediately asked them for music to release. First thing we did together was a totally handmade 10″ vinyl that hardly even play, but looked beautiful. After that I thought I owed them a proper release so I asked Gavin Russom to do a remix for them and we pressed this 12″. When I asked Andreas to design an artwork for it, he proposed to do 50 hand painted original covers, each of them totally unique and different. Andreas then stamped and signed each of the sleeves, blurring even further the boundaries between music and art and effectively transforming each vinyl into an art piece.”

Edition of 50

Plateau: Hashim

Plateau: New Jersey

Plateau: Kuro


.: C O M I N G S O O N :.
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